About us

Ambition is the sole incentive for which we all are driven. But in order to turn our dreams into reality, we must be gushing with caliber and earnest efforts and the role EDUCATIONAL SERVICES play is just synonymous to a ‘CATALYST’. We are obsessed about guiding you and equipping you in the right perspective so that you leap into the arena of winners.

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES was founded in 1998; to assist students in the school education .The institute has carved a niche for itself in the field of education. The Institute with wide experience and best coaching has delivered successful result in the field of education. Our vision is not only to educate students but also to assist them with best careers. It is the institute that provides encouragement, training, motivation, personal attention and practice to the students to excel in their exams. Educational services provide an atmosphere to the students to study in stimulating, emotionally supportive and protective environment.

Excellent course material, experienced faculty and a committed management have built EDUCATIOANAL SERVICES into the most trusted institution in the area of preparing students for Board Examination. In response to the perceived need of student for quality coaching, we have made it our mission to dedicate ourselves to disseminating knowledge and imparting specialized, success-oriented and career-targeted education with academic excellence and aptitudinal vision. Our time-tested skill and judiciously prepared study-material enable our students to come out with flying colors in Exams. The Faculty at EDUCATIONAL SERVICES are reachable round the clock and are ever ready to help their students in every aspect The performance report and attendendence report (on monthly basis) on the internet help the parents to check the progress of their wards.

The academic philosophy at EDUCATIONAL SERVICES revolves around its students. Students come to EDUCATIONAL SERVICES with a dream to achieve an academic goal. The dedicated faculty at EDUCATIONAL SERVICES only helps them to realize their strengths and weaknesses and chart out a path accordingly to reach their objectives. The faculty at EDUCATIONAL SERVICES work as facilitator rather than a teacher. They mentor, guide and assist learning.


At EDUCATIONAL SERVICES we believe that students succeed singularly because of their own efforts. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES only mentors its students and provides them with a learning environment to bring out the winner in them. The inputs from EDUCATIONAL SERVICES remains the same for each student, success depends on the aspiration, tenacity and perseverance at the individual level.


To enable Students realize their potential and make their dreams comes true.

EDUCATIONAL SERCVICES has its own Residential school affiliated to CBSE ( in Almora and an educational software company ( both of which are doing pioneering work in field of education.

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